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Sebastian Matthes (violin), Gabor Szarvas (cello, member of the Arensky Trio) and Randolf Stöck (piano) performed so excellingly, that one could not desire more. In supremely harmonious ensemble-playing, the virtuosity of the musicians imparted the musical riches of the early-deceased composer (F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy). In the first movement they phrased the charming motive in ever-new variations, and formed the Andante with restful intimacy. They surpassed themselves in the third movement - reminiscent of the music to “A Midsummer Night's Dream” - playing with sparkling vibrancy and effortlessness, before leading into a sweeping finish, the audience responding with rapturous applause.”

(Wormser Zeitung, September 9th, 2008)

“Johannes Brahms' Sonata in D minor seemed completely immersed in the blazing fervour of extreme romantic sentiments and tone colours. In this work, pianist Stöck managed to coax violinist Sebastian Matthes out of his shell, animating him to a highly emphatic, inspired and extremely spirited performance. As if raging and enraptured, the interpreters performed in harmonious unison, achieving here an almost oppressive, scarcely surpassable expressive power. [...] Such display of pathos, such inspiration and intuition [...], that only exceptional artists achieve.”

(Rheinpfalz, February 27th, 2008)